Living on the UES has very few advantages, one is being closer to Central Park, and two is being close to the Carl Shultz Park water front. Besides this two seemingly similar things, the upper east side kind of blows chunks. I live up here and have for quite some time, not because I’m found [...]


Over the past nine weeks I’ve been attending photography classes in the ultra artsy area of Brooklyn, also known as DUMBO. Besides, a gorgeous water front skyline, the rustling sound of the Manhattan Bridge over head, and cobble stone streets for days, DUMBO is littered with so called “wanna-be” artist (myself included). Here is a [...]

  Yesterday Blake Lively launched a beautifully curated website of “Main Street, USA” artisans, and against my initial judgement ( I’m a rather judgmental whore), it is absoultely gorgeous. The message, for me, hits home on so many levels that it is hard not to want to be apart of something so pure. Preserve, is [...]

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Last Thursday was the kick off to New York Fashion Week, with designers showing their best in show for Spring 2014. With the city abuzz with fashionistas, celebrities and designers alike, the streets around Lincoln Center have been over crowded with some very chic street wear that everyone and their mother are out photographing. Since [...]


If you’re looking for another place to call home or Cheers, look no further than the flatiron district of our little island of Manhattan and payday loans online utah. Near the corner of 28th and Fifth, nestled between a few other neighborhood joints and a few too many Citi bike racks, comes a little gastropub perfectly menued called LuLu & [...]